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Associate Artist
2006 Birds (various)
2004 Mozart and Salieri (Mozart)
2003 Alice (various)

Martin is an Associate Member of TUTA Theatre Chicago.  He was born in Slovenia, lived and studied in America, and is currently living in Berlin, Germany. He is an actor/musician/writer, who has spent most of his career performing and creating non-linear, non-story driven narratives, involving music and non-acceptance of the fourth wall. He spent 10 years performing as a member of the Blue Man Group, is a published poet, and a children’s book and music author.  Martin has performed in four TUTA productions (including assistant directing one production)—The Birds by Aristophanes, Alice, and The Hour by Peter Handke. These productions explored the physical and musical side of theatre, focusing on the way large ensembles collaborate. In 2011, he published a book and CD of Slovenian children’s songs, ZMAJEK DRAGO IN LJUBLJENA LJUBLJANA, and played the lead role in the Slovenian feature film STATE OF SHOCK, for which he received the Slovenian National film award, Vesna, at the Slovenian Film Festival. He is currently at work producing children’s songs and stories in English, LUNA’S DREAMS, as an app for the iPad, and is shooting his own written and directed short film entitled WHY IS LIFE SO COMPLICATED? The Anyway Cabaret will be his first play written for an American theater.