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Assistant Stage Manager

Mel is absolutely stoked to be working with TUTA again!  She was last seen working as assistant stage manager for The Dumb Waiter.  Other work includes special effects make-up for the Soft Cage Films premiere of YELLOW, and she has also worked as a director, props designer and assistant, stage manager and assistant, as well as a special effects artist.  She has worked with Pavement Group (Arrangements and Fracture/Mechanics), the House Theatre (Odradek, The Sparrow and Cyrano), New Leaf (Lighthousekeeping at DCA Theatre) and Melncolly Theatre Company (Nearly Naked at the 2011 Chicago Fringe Festival and Brilliant Traces).  Mel is a Carthage College graduate and would like to thank everyone who has inspired her over the years, especially her father, Marvin (1944-2011). Enjoy the show. Cheers!

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