Djukic is such an accomplished visual stylist and a director so adept at getting actors to fully inhabit a kind of neo-absurdist world with a logic all its own.

T.U.T.A. Theatre Company shows have a very distinctive style — they are far more physically adroit than most Chicago productions. Also, they deftly effect that Euro-friendly collusion of eclectic styles — wherein overt political references can dissolve smoothly and easily into a fashion show accompanied by bubble gum pop.

Instead of relying mainly on Aristophanic gags, Djukic crafts his own cohesive comic milieu with echoes of Beckett, neo-vaudeville and the Cirque du Soleil. The man is a director with an actual overarching vision — and there are few things in the theater more refreshing than that.

Chris Jones
Chicago Tribune, May 2005