The Hour We Knew Nothing Of Each Other


"Beautifully directed Midwest premiere of Handke's wordless 1992 play. . . Djukic may well be a major director in our midst. " -Micheal Philips, Chicago Tribune

"There are so many beautiful and tragic moments in this production. What makes them spectacular on a small human scale is their fleeting nature. Evans' poetic bride chasing her veil is a tour de force of self-determination and self-doubt. . . The touching juxtapositions make Djukic's production a treasure of dramatic metaphor. The experience is as spontaneous and illogical as a day spent people watching in any public place. But under Zeljko Djukic's exactingly invisible direction, the eight multifarious cast members of the experimental TUTA achieve something extraordinarily potent and meditative. What begins as an exercise in silent spatial relationships, invasions and collisions, crescendos into an operatic burst of civilization's simplest desires scattered across a maddeningly complex landscape." -Lucia Mauro, Performink