Quartet Reviews

Nelson Pressley, The Washington Times, 10/31/97

"...The action in director Zeljko Djukic's production is sometimes grisly enough to make the Marquis de Sade smile..."


Christopher Potter, Ann Arbor News, 6/26/98

"... A terrifying play and great theater. The play's final line, spoken by Merteuil, provides a grotesque yet legitimate view of human fate you may prefer to forget. Rest assured you won't."


Roy Proctor, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 3/28/98

"Intense stylization is Djukic's game in this play in which game-playing and role-reversals with human beings as pawns denote a sterile existence. The excellent actors - Lisa Lias and Stephen Angus - play out their minidramas on a mirrored floor encircled by what appears to be crumpled, soiled bed linens..."


Roberto Aguirre-Sacara, City Paper Washington D.C., 1/29/98

... Angus and Lias, both excellent from beginning to end, do not merely flip-flop roles, they also become the young girl and devout woman they ravage and ultimately devour. That the wicked effect succeeds, that Muller's Quartet is convincingly played by only two people, is especially startling considering how the actors achieve these transformations with simple shifts of posture and vocal pitch. Everything about this Open Theatre/T.U.T.A. production - the heightened acting style, Natasa Djukic's shredded, gauzy costumes, Arpad Sayko's goth-rock sound design -- smacks of the Grand Guignol theatrical tradition that delighted in glorifying the grotesque. A fascinating abomination, Quartet, which clocks in at just over an hour, is also riveting theater ..."