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Dear Friends and Family of TUTA,

TUTA is pleased and honored to announce the Amy R. Ewert Actor Fund. The fund provides additional financial assistance to performers working with TUTA Theatre Chicago. It is designed to supplement actor stipend payment, supplies for rehearsal/performance, travel/transportation needs and studio training opportunities. Amy R. Ewert was the mother of TUTA company member Sean Ewert. Amy had a long history of living with mental illness and took her life in June of 2015. She was a talented actor who was unable to fulfill her dreams of performing. This fund is a loving tribute to the many people behind every actor who make it possible for them to audition, perform and share their talents.

If you would like your donation to be used for the Amy R. Ewert Actor Fund, simply go to the "Honoree" box at check out and select "In Memory of Amy R. Ewert".

In 2015, we had the opportunity to produce Off'-Broadway in NYC with a production of MUSIC HALL, by renowned French writer Jean-Luc Lagarce. We started this journey with a full run in Chicago, and then transferred this US premiere to 59E59 Theatres, a NYC theatre complex for innovative work.

Here's a snapshot of how your gifts have supported us so far. Over our 14 years in Chicago, TUTA has produced:

  • 24 plays, including 12 world and US premieres
  • Class instruction to over 150 actors
  • Roughly 600 artists have helped to create art with us

Our tradition continues with a US premiere production in two cities, innovative classes for artists, and the continuation of our free experimental workshop series, TUTAlab. All gifts will be acknowledged in our 2015 season events, and on our website. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to our challenging work and thank you for helping us make our Off-Broadway debut a reality!

With love, respect, and in friendship,

Company Members Kirk Anderson, Cynthia Castiglione, Natasha Djukic, Zeljko Djukic, Sean Ewert, Jaimelyn Gray, Brad Gunter, Andy Hager, Helen Lattyak, Max Lotspeich, Trey Maclin, Carolyn Molloy, Keith Parham, Wain Parham, Allison Raynes, and Jacqueline Stone

Associate Members Lauren Demerath, Mel Gill, Martin Marion, Letitia Guillaud, Aileen McGroddy, and Amber Robinson

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