May 2017

The Man Who Turned Into A Stick
by Kōbō Abe

Directed by Company Member Aileen McGroddy 

June 2017

Don Juan Returns From The War
by Odon Von Horvath

Translated and Directed by Company Member Brad Gunter 

July 2017

Radio Culture
by Maxim Dosko

Directed by Company Member Amber Robinson

Past labs include:

September 2016
Conversation at Night with a Despised Character
Directed by Amber Robinson
Translation and Dramaturgy by Brad Gunter
Featuring Sean Ewert and Darren Hill

July 2016
Let Down Your Hair
By Matthew Ivan Bennett
A reading directed by Company Member Jaimelyn Gray
Featuring Taylor Craft, Meghan Principe, Lona Livingston, Doogin Brown, and Mike Movido

June 2016
Have a Seat
Directed by Associate Member Aileen McGroddy

Featuring Company Members Sean Ewert and Wain Parham, and guest artists Brad Brubaker, Ashley Fox, Scott Ray Merchant, Elle Riley-Condit, and Michele Stine 

February 2014
The Silence of the Sea
By Anthony Weigh
Directed by Company Member Andy Hager
Featuring Poppy Golland, Jack Hickey, and Andrew Jessop
January 2014
By Ruggiero Leoncavallo
Translated and Adapted by Allison Raynes, Keith Parham, and Wain Parham
Directed by Company Member Keith Parham
Featuring Wain Parham (Canio), Alexandra Plattos (Nedda), Noel Taylor (Tonio), Keith Murphy (Peppe), Ian Westerfer (Silvio), Jordan Roulo (Ensemble), Max Lotspeich (Ensemble), Andy Costello (Accompanist)
December 2013
This Viking Life 
By TUTA Associate Artists Sean Ewert & Max Lotspeich
Featuring Sean Ewert, John Highberger, Emily Lane, and Max Lotspeich

November 2013
The Anyway Cabaret (an animal cabaret)
By TUTA Associate Artist Martin Marion
Directed by Artistic Director Jacqueline Stone
Featuring Comany Member Kirk Anderson, Associate Artists Sean Ewert, Max Lotspeich, and Carolyn Molloy, and Guest Artists Lauren Demerath, Marsha Harman, Aaron Lawson, and Ian Westerfer
January 2013
Through The Leaves 
By Franz Xaver Kroetz
Directed by Company Member Andy Hager
Featuring Guest Artists Laurie Larson and HB Ward 

November 2012

The Jewels 

Based on a short story by Guy de Maupassant
Adapted and Directed by Company Member Kirk Anderson
Featuring: Tom Daniels, Lauren Demerath, Mike Driscoll, Quincey Krull, Max Lotspeich, Nick Loumos, Carolyn Malloy, and Dan Wenzel 

We are proud to announce The Jewels will be run as a full production in Spring 2014 at the DCA Storefront Theatre.