The Wedding (remount)






TEN BEST PLAYS OF 2010 - Timeout Chicago

“The Wedding has the raw energy of a boxing match; this riotous production manages to be at once thrilling, tender and very funny… What makes the production such a joy is the accumulation of stunning theatrical moments offered by this tightly chaotic ensemble…[The Wedding is]…like a deranged, avant-garde episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Wedding offers a vertiginous look at the comical depths to which a social gathering can plunge.”  - Timeout Chicago 

“TUTA's winter show is quite the enjoyably quirky 90 minutes.…a cross between the song stylings of Kurt Weill, "The Wedding Singer" and "Mamma Mia," and they are exceedingly funny. - Chicago Tribune 

“Djukic has assembled a smart, meticulous cast who find rich, subtle humor in the disasters that befall their characters.” - The Reader


TUTA opened the 2011 season with Brecht’s 1919 Bavarian folk comedy The Wedding, directed by Artistic Director Zeljko Djukic and featuring original music by Jesse Terrill. 

When nine middle class self-important guests converge on a young bride and groom’s apartment, each one slowly unravels the horrors of living a pretentious life.  As the guests’ uptight facades collapse, a slapstick adventure full of extremely truthful physical and verbal humor is unleashed. 

Featuring live original music performed by the cast, The Wedding takes you through early Germany just after the fall of the Hapsburg Empire and in the face of rising Nazism on their borders.  

The Wedding runs February 6-March 6, 2011, at Chopin Theatre Studio, 1543 W. Division, Chicago.